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ARCHERY                                   INITIATIVE



Safety Zone – This area is gather arrows and return to your combat area, it is also designed to maintain a safe shooting distance between players. You CANNOT shoot or be shot in this area; if this happens it will NOT count. You are NOT to stay in this area, get your arrows and get out, if a referee asks you to exit this area you must do so promptly.

If you get hit, you are eliminated and must stand off to the side; please leave your

mask on while exiting the field for safety purposes.

Object of the game – Use you bow to shoot arrows at either the opposing team or the targets. Whichever team eliminates all the players or five spots in the target first win the game.


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If a teammate either catches an arrow or knocks one of the five spot targets completely out of the target on the opposing team then an eliminated player on your team may re‐enter the game in the order they were eliminated.

Continue playing this way either until all targets or players are all eliminated on one team.

We do not encourage headshots however they occasionally happen. If the referee notices someone continuously shooting at the head, they will be asked to leave the field and not be able to return and play for this event. If an arrow hits your bow it does not count, if it bounces off ground or obstacle first is does not count. however the referee has the final say and there will be no arguments or you will be asked to leave the field.

 You are allowed to leave the boundary lines only to retrieve arrows not to shoot or hide.


Try to make teams as even in age and size as possible


Do Not throw equipment, use to hit people, or obstruct arrows


No rough play


Mask must be worn at all times while on field and when on sidelines waiting to re-enter



Always be sure arrow has a foam tip prior to shooting

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