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New York Times: A Chance to Embrace Your Inner Katniss

Archery Tag Offers a Tame Version of ‘The Hunger Games’. Book a session with us! Read more


Work hard and play harder. That's our motto. What's yours?
blogTO: The top 8 archery tag facilities in Toronto

Don't want to be restricted by walls and permanent targets? The Archery Initiative has got you covered. They bring the games outdoors, offering battle archery sessions near Ashbridges Bay. Keep in mind the pedestrians as your take on your opponents... Read more

还记得电影《饥饿游戏》里妹子酷炫的射箭造型吗?多伦多人果然“城会玩”,除了各种健身房和户外运动场所,如今“射箭”这项在国内不易玩到的游戏,都轻易实现了。小编精心整理了数家“射箭”好去处与你分享!约上朋友来战斗吧~  Read more

the Chive: Move over paintball, ‘Archery Tag’ is here to take over (10 Photos & Video)


Watch out paintball, there’s a new sport in town and it’s called Archery Tag. It’s slowly catching on around the world, and honestly it looks like a ton of fun. Essentially, it’s a mix between paintball, dodgeball, and archery, perfectly blended into a sport that’s guaranteed to ruin a few friendships along the way.

Book a session with us! Read more

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