Archery Tag.

Presented by The Archery Initiative

The Initiative

Summer League



Starting at 5:30pm

Archey Tag

@ Woodbine Beach TO

Can your friendship stand the test of archery tag?


It's sunny afternoon, you are in full archery tag gear ready to battle. Across the field, your so-called best friend aim a foam-tip arrow directly at you. Do you fight back with a cold stare? No, you duck behind the inflatable bunkers and look for an opportunity to strike back! 


Here is your chance to challenge your best friends for a game of archery tag, the ultimate test of friendship. True friends will make you run and sweat, but they will be the first to cheer for your return to the arena. What else is better than an epic battle with your best friends? Reserve your spot now.

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General admission includes:

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Better in Groups!
20% off discount when book with groups of 20 players and over 
Regular full price admission: $24.79+ HST/player

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